Chinatown Heritage Center
The Chinese Historical Society of Southern California was founded in 1975, dedicated to the discovery and sharing of Chinese American history. In 1995, the Society purchased and moved into two Victorian houses at 411 & 415 Bernard Street. Built in 1886 &1888 by Philip Fritz, an emigrant from Alsace (German/French border region), for his family. Located in the northern section of Los Angeles Chinatown, they serve as headquarters for CHSSC.
CHSSC Historical DisplayCHSSC Historical DisplayCHSSC Historical DisplayCHSSC Historical Display CHSSC Historical DisplayCHSSC Historical Display

The Chinatown Heritage Center is the premier source of information pertaining to the history of the Chinese in Southern California. On display are artifacts from the archaeological dig performed during excavations for the Metro Red line at Union Station (the original location of Los Angeles' Chinatown). CHSSC offers a free self-guided tour map and conducts private and public tours of Chinatown.

The library has an extensive collection of historical and cultural books. The bookstore stocks volumes on local and national Chinese-American history. The CHSSC research collection includes manuscripts, photographs, artifacts, as well as tapes and transcripts from the Chinatown oral history project. The center offers information that is unavailable anywhere else, invaluable to the researcher, historian or simply the inquisitive.